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March 16, 2018
During the last decade, Lebanon recorded climaxing political, economic and regional...
December 12, 2017
After more than six years, hundreds of thousands of casualties, and untold billions...
September 05, 2017
Southern Syria is, in short, a test case for the balance of intentions and...
August 29, 2017
Lebanon is living financial crisis conditions, which may turn into a full-fledged...
June 02, 2017
Since the takeover of a third of Iraq by the Islamic State (ISIS) in 2014, the Hashd...
May 10, 2017
ليست الحربُ بالتأكيد قدراً ولا قراراً. غالبُ...
April 28, 2017
Since the outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011, Lebanon has been struggling with an...
January 30, 2017
Russia’s role in the Syrian war – domestic drivers and regional implications
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An Arab Marshall Plan A Partnership and Cooperation for the Future of the Middle East
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In Arab political culture, “Sykes-Picot” summarizes the dark side of the nation-state system...
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