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Lebanon and the Syrian Refugees: Human Dignity, Counter-Extremism and Safe Return at Stake
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Syrian refugees became an additional burden for Lebanon, a country that was already suffering from the Palestinian refugees’ issue. The repercussions of this exodus are catastrophic on those refugees who find difficulties surviving in spite of the Lebanese generosity and the international assistance provided to host them. In light of the absence of a political solution paving the way for the refugees’ repatriation and their participation to the reconstruction of Syria, the repercussions of this crisis have started threatening the existence of hosting countries, especially Lebanon. These repercussions are also linked to the strategy of countering terrorism and extremism. Therefore, we shall deepen our analysis of the identity crisis caused by the displacement repercussions in Lebanon, the Arab region and the whole world. It would also be useful to think about an economic, social and environmental approach to avoid the collapse of hosting countries that might lead to additional threats. One should also bear in mind the need to raise awareness amongst refugees who are at risk of adopting extremist ideologies through intimidation or invitation. All these strategies shall lead to a comprehensive vision for the return of refugees and the preservation of hosting communities.

June 17, 2022
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December 03, 2021
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